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4 reasons why Derwin James' hold-in is good for the Chargers

Alexander Insdorf
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2. Increased opportunity to evaluate the competition between Gilman, Webb, and Woods

James and the aforementioned Adderley will clearly take up the highest snap percentages of the safety room this season. How the depth chart shakes out behind them remains to be seen.

The Chargers used their lone day two draft selection this year on Baylor safety JT Woods. His potential playing time probably has the most variance out of the group, but there's high athletic upside with 4.3 speed combined with his ballhawk nature in a Brandon Staley scheme. Giving him more opportunities to see the field with James out could make him more prepared to contribute in 2022 than he would've been otherwise.

Staley has spoken glowingly of Mark Webb every time he's been at the podium this offseason. He's made some plays during camp and Staley has praised his versatility:

The one criticism Staley has had of Webb's game is that he needs to improve as a tackler and at the point of contact. He'll get more opportunities to practice his positioning and ability with more reps in pads plus the number of opportunities he'll get in the preseason.

Former sixth-round pick Alohi Gilman is fighting to keep his spot on the roster as well. Assuming the Chargers keep James, Adderley, and Woods, it's probably a fight between Webb and Gilman for the final safety spot. The more reps the Chargers have to evaluate from both players can only produce more informed decision-making at the end of the day.

Of course, the Chargers would rather have James and these safeties out there together, but seeing what they have behind him during this brief period is a positive unintended consequence.