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4 losers from the first week of LA Chargers training camp

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CB Michael Davis

The cornerback competition so far in camp has been a little similar to that of the interior defensive line room-aside from J.C. Jackson and Asante Samuel Jr. being placed as the top two corners, it's the wild west behind them.

Michael Davis, Bryce Callahan, and Tevaughn Campbell seem to be the guys fighting for critical playing time. Deane Leonard and Ja Taylor have also impressed in spots, but there's more of an element of fighting to make the backend of the roster for them there as opposed to having serious roles in 2022.

Staley system veteran Bryce Callahan has continued to make play after play in camp and if he stays healthy, he figures to play the slot/CB3. Camp has unfortunately not been as kind to Michael Davis. After struggling to fit into the mold of a Staley 3-4 CB last year, Davis has gotten burnt on a few occasions. Of course, this metric isn't necessarily something to live and die by either, but Davis also has probably had the fewest interceptions and PBUs of the second-tier corners so far.

Staley's defenses historically value ball production and that's just something Davis isn't really going to give you. Back in 2020, he was a solid Cover 3 one on one corner with Gus Bradley. But how much Davis fits out in the current scheme is only becoming more apparent by the day.

The Chargers still need Davis' size in the CB room and he's by no means a cut candidate-they'd face a dead cap hit of $7 million if they cut him before next offseason. But going from CB1 in 2021 to potentially CB4 or 5 this year is a rather precipitous drop in such a short period of time.