The 5 biggest surprises of Chargers training camp thus far

Alexander Insdorf
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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5. The emergence of DeAndre Carter

Last week I wrote about WR DeAndre Carter and his potential usage as a "secret weapon" of sorts. My belief was that he was going to contribute a lot more offensively than the Chargers' previous WR5s who played KR/PR like Andre Roberts and K.J. Hill in 2021.

Well, he's not a secret weapon anymore. His presence has been felt in camp and he might be rocketing up the depth chart. Herbert hooked up with Carter on a big 30+ yard reception in the red zone yesterday and finished the scrimmage with five receptions for nearly 70 yards, per the count of Guilty as Charged's Tyler Schoon.

Carter has recorded six touchdowns in training camp, a majority of them occurring during red zone drills. After the scrimmage yesterday, Staley said Carter is, "much more than a return specialist."

At this point, it's not crazy to wonder whether Carter might be WR4 or in a mix to be used around as often as Josh Palmer and Jalen Guyton. His speed and explosiveness have shown in camp as well as his ability to consistently connect with all three quarterbacks on the roster. He creates separation and has beaten most of the DBs on the team at least once.

Even as someone that was high on the Carter signing from the beginning, I didn't see these first two weeks or so of training camp playing out the way they have for him. The former Commander has made the most of his opportunities during camp.