The 5 biggest surprises of Chargers training camp thus far

Alexander Insdorf
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3. Radio silence on Jerry Tillery and Morgan Fox

One disappointing aspect of camp to this point has been the supposed battle between Jerry Tillery and Morgan Fox to be the Chargers' primary pass-rushing interior DT.

Fox has mostly been a non-factor to this point in camp. And again, it's not easy considering these guys are consistently going against Corey Linsley, Zion Johnson, and Matt Feiler on the interior. But considering how productive Staley system signings Callahan and Sebastian Joseph-Day have been, the fact that we haven't heard or seen more from Fox is disappointing.

To Tillery's credit, he did have a sack in last night's scrimmage on Justin Herbert. However, Staley has not minced words when talking about the former first-rounder to this point:

Maybe Tillery ends up stringing more "high level" practices together in trying to secure his roster spot and role this year, but Staley has consistently insinuated that he hasn't been impressed with him and that he needs to see more.

It's not time to hit the panic button on the pass rushers in the IDL room yet, but my confidence has wavered a bit. The Chargers have EDGE, NT/run stuffing DT, and even who their depth pieces might be figured out to this point. Relatively speaking, that's why the Fox vs. Tillery competition has been disappointing. They're one piece away from having the defensive line configurations figured it out yet the early returns in this camp battle have been mediocre.