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3 trades the Chargers will regret not making at the trade deadline

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2. The Chargers will regret not trading for Jeff Wilson

This is a bit of an interesting one as not many fans had running back on the list of trade possibilities for the Chargers at the deadline. That being said, it still would have benefitted the team if they added a running back and they obviously could have had one at a cheap cost.

James Robinson is another big-name back who was traded at the deadline but he would be a bit redundant with Austin Ekeler. Instead, the Chargers could have got a lot of value out of someone like Jeff Wilson, who is reuniting with his former offensive coordinator in Miami.

Miami traded a 2023 fifth-round pick for Wilson and while that might seem like a hefty cost, if recent history is any indication the Chargers are probably going to use that pick for another running back that will likely disappoint.

This team needs help with Joshua Kelley out of action and cannot trust Sony Michel to be the team's RB2. As promising as Austin Ekeler has looked at times, him being the only quality rushing option on the roster is not a promising look.

This offense is at its best when it runs the ball and Wilson would not only help the offense stay afloat while Kelley is hurt but also could have given the team more options (potentially utilizing Ekeler in the passing game in more unique ways) once Kelley returned.