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3 edge rushers the Chargers should undoubtedly try to trade for

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2. Efe Obada

Chase Young is on his way to returning to the Washington Commanders, which is naturally going to take away snaps from the team's other edge rushers and could lead the team to make some kind of move to consolidate what they have on the roster.

If so, there is a very cheap possible trade target to be had in Efe Obada, who is a rotational defensive end for the Commanders. While Obada has not played outside linebacker in his career, he is good enough as a pass-rusher to be a rotational option that the team puts in on obvious passing downs.

Because he is a small name and is just a rotational player the cost would not be very high. The Bolts would probably be able to get Obada for a future seventh-round pick that would likely end up getting replaced anyway by future compensatory picks.

While he is just a rotational edge rusher, Obada has put together some promising numbers both this season and in the past. Obada has 16 pressures and three sacks in only 87 pass-rushing snaps this season.

Prior to joining Washington, Obada spent time with both the Carolina Panthers and Buffalo Bills. With Buffalo in 2021 he had 20 pressures in 190 pass-rushing snaps and with Carolina in 2020, he had 29 pressures in 281 pass-rushing snaps.