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5 storylines of opposing teams that will influence the Chargers season

By Sean Basile
Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Chargers
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Bill Belichick
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3) Does Ole Bill Still Got It?

This one is bound to be controversial. It's not based around what level this opposing team in the Patriots is going to be playing at, but it's more based around the move Bill Belichick made this offseason to cut bait with JC Jackson and let him sign elsewhere, obviously that place being in LA with the Bolts.

I know Coach Bill to be a shrewd operator in every sense of the word, so although I'm totally stoked the Chargers got such a stud corner like Jackson to sign with them and bolster the secondary, I can't help but wonder why the greatest coach in NFL history calmly let him waltz away.

What does he know that nobody else does? We've seen him and the Pats do nothing but nail 95% of their moves like these from Nate Solder to Brandin Cooks to Logan Mankins to Malcolm Butler to Stephon Gilmore to Jamie Collins, the list goes on of players seemingly at good points in their careers getting let go by the Patriots and never being the same afterward.

The only two misses I can think of are Chandler Jones and the G.O.A.T. Tom Brady. Other than them, Bill rarely fails at this sort of thing.

Does that mean JC Jackson is fool's gold? Did the Chargers buy a great "name," and not necessarily a player ready to take it to the next level? We shall see. I sure as hell hope not!