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Chargers make shocking selection in full first-round NFL mock draft

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Bryce Young, Devonte Wyatt
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With the 17th overall pick, the LA Chargers select Devonte Wyatt, DT, Georgia

This pick is shocking for multiple reasons. First, if the LA Chargers are going to take a defensive tackle with the 17th overall pick, from Georgia nonetheless, then many expect that pick to be Jordan Davis. While I really like Davis and think he will be an excellent pro, I think Wyatt is the better pick.

First of all, Wyatt fits better next to Sebastian Joseph-Day and Austin Johnson as he can line up as a 3-4 defensive end, whereas Davis is primed to be a nose tackle, which is what Joseph-Day is going to be for the Chargers. Second of all, while not as elite in running downs, Wyatt showed much more ability in passing downs and can be a three-down defensive lineman.

If you are going to draft an interior defensive lineman this early in the draft then you have to get someone who can get pressure on the quarterback. The team has done a great job in bolstering the run defense and it is not like Wyatt is a slouch against the run, either. He is the better all-around player and would be more impactful.

If Williams is on the board at 17 then I probably would pick him over Wyatt but I would not pick Chris Olave over Wyatt. Sorry to the Olave fans out there. Right tackle is also an option with Trevor Penning but I am not the biggest Penning fan and think Wyatt could have a bigger overall impact.

The Chargers also still have money to spend and could sign a starting right tackle or even maneuver into the second round to get someone like Daniel Faleele. There are options and with the emphasis being on defense this year, and the options on the board in this specific mock, I think Wyatt should be the pick.