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The 5 easiest defenses Justin Herbert faces on the Chargers schedule

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Travon Walker
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3. Jacksonville Jaguars

According to Football Outsider's defensive DVOA, the Jacksonville Jaguars were the worst defensive team in the league last season. They check in as the third-easiest defense the Chargers will play this season as they should be better than the worst team in the league in 2022.

However, the Jaguars will still likely be a bottom-five defensive team in the league next season. How exciting is that? With the Raiders having a really low floor defensively next season the Chargers could end up having four of their 17 games against five of the worst defenses in the league.

Justin Herbert is going to cook, and we are not talking about brisket.

Jacksonville is making steps in the right direction. Firing Urban Meyer was a great start and there are some fun players on the defensive end with potential. Travon Walker is a raw freak athlete with massive potential that will likely struggle. With the Chargers playing the Jags early in the season the chances of him breaking the game are slim.

Devin Lloyd was the best inside linebacker in this class and he will add much-needed leadership to the middle of the defense. Josh Allen had a solid bounce-back year in 2021 and still has some Pro Bowl potential as a pass-rusher.

Darious Williams was a nice addition to the secondary even if the Jaguars overpaid him. There is some potential there in Jacksonville but that potential is going to take time to develop.