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The 5 best quarterbacks the Chargers will face in 2022

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Patrick Mahomes
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1. Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes still deserves the title of being the best quarterback in the league... for now. Josh Allen very well may usurp him for that title this season and for our money's worth, it is going to be Justin Herbert who ends up doing the usurping. It definitely won't be Joe Burrow. That narrative is absurd.

For now it is still Mahomes' spot to lose as with the game on the line and a minute left to play most unbiased NFL fans would pick Mahomes to lead the team down looking for a score. Heck, he literally just did it in one of the best playoff moments in NFL history against the Buffalo Bills.

However, Mahomes is starting to look more and more human. His second half against the Bengals was downright atrocious in the AFC Championship Game and he struggled to start the season. With Tyreek Hill gone and Travis Kelce only getting older, it will be interesting to see how well he does in 2022.

The Chargers have historically done a pretty decent job of containing Mahomes' passing attack when they play the Chiefs. Derwin James got hurt in the second game last season and that opened the door for Kelce to go berserk and inflate Mahomes' numbers and in Mahomes' first-ever game against the Chargers Tyreek Hill had a massive game.

Outside of those bookending games, Mahomes has been rather human against the Chargers. He averages 261 yards per game with a 62.11 completion percentage, 16 touchdowns and five interceptions in seven games against the Chargers. Obviously, those are still solid numbers, but not the insane Mahomes-level numbers.


Could this be the year that the Chargers finally beat the Chiefs twice? If Mahomes takes a step back and Justin Herbert continues to get better then it probably will be.