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The 5 best quarterbacks the Chargers will face in 2022

Las Vegas Raiders v Dallas Cowboys
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Russell Wilson
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2. Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson has actually never beaten the LA Chargers before and he will get two cracks at it this season with the Denver Broncos. Wilson is an interesting case study and these next few years with the Broncos are going to lay the foundation for what we should expect from someone like Kyler Murray when he is older.

The fact of the matter is that Wilson has not been that great over the last season and a half. He has had his moments when he looks like the same player but overall, Wilson has not really played like a top-10 quarterback in that stretch.

He does deserve some benefit of the doubt with the Seahawks being an absolute mess and his offensive line being one of the worst in the league. That being said, he also had one of the best receiving corps in the entire NFL as well, so he probably should have been better.

We have never really seen an undersized, mobile quarterback like Wilson play at this high of a level for so long. This might come as a surprise but Wilson turns 34 this season. There is a world in which he has peaked and the rest of his career is downhill from here.

Yes, Tom Brady is defying what we thought we knew about age limits in the NFL but not everyone is Tom Brady and Wilson has a lot of miles on those legs that Brady simply doesn't have. Wilson is undoubtedly still a great quarterback and that is obvious by his ranking on this list but there is a world in which he falls pretty hard in the NFL hierarchy.

But there is also the chance that he proves this was really just all on the Seahawks and he becomes an MVP candidate with Denver. That too is a realistic scenario.