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The 5 best quarterbacks the Chargers will face in 2022

Las Vegas Raiders v Dallas Cowboys
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Matthew Stafford
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3. Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford officially clinched his place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in February when he led the LA Rams to win the Super Bowl. Stafford's numbers have always been eye-boggling and when he hangs it up he will have some of the best passing numbers that the sport has ever seen.

Now that he has a Super Bowl to his name, and with more potentially on the horizon, there will not be much of a conversation. He will be a Hall of Famer.

That being said, Stafford still is not in the elite crop of quarterbacks in the league and is a good member of the group right below that. He is still good enough to win the MVP if he has a really great year but he does not have the same consistency that the elite tier of QBs (like Justin Herbert) has.

Stafford's floor is not as low as Murray's is and that comes with experience. However, he is definitely prone to having a stinker or two and is a quarterback that you can certainly gameplan against. The biggest problem is that Cooper Kupp gets open just about every play and is impossible to stop.

While Stafford is definitely a really good quarterback and deserves the respect as such, the fact that he is the third-best quarterback that the Chargers play is a great thing.