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The 5 best quarterbacks the Chargers will face in 2022

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Kyler Murray
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4. Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray's ceiling is higher than just about anyone in the league as when he is at his best he is one of the hardest quarterbacks in the league to game plan for and stop. However, Murray is also easily the most inconsistent quarterback on this list as he can look like an MVP candidate for a month and then look like a below-average quarterback the next month.

The last two seasons Murray has started off red-hot and put himself in the MVP conversation and in both years he regressed later in the year. Because he is a mobile quarterback and is rather small, he is more injury-prone than someone like Justin Herbert and that does make a difference.

If the Chargers were playing the Cardinals in September then maybe I would rank Murray a spot higher on this list. However, with the game taking place in late November we really have no idea what version of Murray is going to show up and for all we know he could throw three picks and have an absolute stinker against the Chargers.

This is a big year for the Arizona Cardinals. While Murray has a lot of his career left ahead of him and does not need to start pressing any time soon, Kliff Kingsbury could be on the hot seat if he does not at least win a playoff game this season.