3 Chargers who are most likely to get restructured (and how much it will save)

Jason Reed
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2. Corey Linsley (saves $6.2 million)

Another player that is not going anywhere anytime soon is Corey Linsley. The LA Chargers made Linsley the highest-paid center in league history and he has definitely played up to that billing when he is out there for the Bolts.

Linsley missed some games with some lingering issues in 2022 but aside from that, he has been incredibly consistent as the anchor of the offensive line. He should age well as a center and is going to be 32 before the start of the 2023 season.

Linsley is under contract for three more seasons and with the direction of the salary cap, hit later caps hits are more than manageable and could be increased if the team needs to kick the can down the road. After all, the Chargers are incredibly unlikely to cut Linsley in the future, so there is no worry about losing future flexibility.

Linsley has a $13.1 million cap hit this season, a $14.1 million cap hit next season and a $17.1 million cap hit in 2024. There would only be $2.6 million in dead money if the Chargers cut Linsley before the 2024 season and with that number being so small, a restructure makes sense.