3 Chargers who are most likely to get restructured (and how much it will save)

Jason Reed
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The salary cap for the 2023 season has officially been set at $224.8 million and the Chargers have some work to do to get under that number. The Bolts are $20.38 million over the salary cap and that is before considering any potential re-signings or the 2023 draft class.

Tom Telesco is going to have to get creative to free up money without losing any significant players. There are cut candidates to free up money but more work is going to have to be done to get the Chargers where they need to be.

Los Angeles can also capitalize on the ability to restructure contracts. The team can restructure over $60 million in cap space this offseason but reaching that entire number is unlikely. There are certain contracts that can't be restructured because of future complications. Some contracts, however, can be.

3 Chargers who are most likely to get restructured:

3. Sebastian Joseph-Day (saves $2.7 million)

This is the smallest figure in this article and it might not seem like that big of a difference for the Bolts. However, every dollar matters and making a move like this could allow the team to re-sign one more player or bring in one more veteran free agent.

It makes a ton of sense to restructure Joseph-Day as he has two more years under contract and has no guaranteed money for the third year. Restructuring him is not going to change his 2023 cap hit much (if at all) and he is definitely going to stick around for the entirety of his contract.

SJD is not a cut candidate for the 2024 offseason as he will (likely) still be playing at a high level and the team will also be losing Austin Johnson to free agency. Since the team knows he will be around for another year, might as well save money where it can.