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3 thinnest positions on the LA Chargers roster in 2022

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Kenneth Murray
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1. Linebacker

Linebacker is by far the thinnest position on the roster for the LA Chargers and it did not have to be that way. After a breakout season, Kyzir White's market was only a one-year, $3 million deal. Granted, that likely means that he was not as valuable as Chargers fans thought he was, but he still would have been much better than what the team currently has.

The Bolts could have easily afforded to bring White back but instead, they replaced him with Troy Reeder, who Brandon Staley coached with the LA Rams. Reeder is an okay depth option but he does not come close to White.

Los Angeles is putting a lot of faith in Drue Tranquill and Kenneth Murray. Tranquill is a fine player but he is not that special and him potentially being the best linebacker in the room is a bad thing. Murray is a former first-round pick but he played so horribly last season that he was moved to EDGE, where he played worse.

Granted, Murray hurt his ankle in Week 2 and that seemed to bug him throughout the year considering he had offseason surgery on that ankle. The hope is that with a healthy ankle in the second year of this defense that he can be better.

If Murray does not rebound it is going to be ugly for the Chargers but that was kind of by design. While the Bolts obviously do not want to be awful in one particular position, linebacker is the least important position for Brandon Staley's defensive scheme.

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If there was one position to put fewer resources into and take the risk of being thin, it was the linebacker position.