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3 thinnest positions on the LA Chargers roster in 2022

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Justin Herbert, Trey Pipkins
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2. Right tackle

Some may consider right tackle to be the worst position on the LA Chargers roster and it is hard to argue against that when the options are Storm Norton and Trey Pipkins. Norton allowed the second-most pressures in the entire league last season and Pipkins has never blossomed from being just a developmental right tackle.

However, there are two reasons why this is not the thinnest area of the roster for the Chargers. First is the fact that the rest of the offensive line is so good and the Chargers have the means to make things easier for the right tackle.

Whether it is with pass-protection schemes utilizing the talent on the rest of the line or getting Tre' McKitty to help chip on the outside, there are options for the Bolts.

The second reason why it ranks second instead of first is because of Pipkins himself. While it is too bold to predict that he will be an above-average right tackle, there is a lot of positive chatter coming out of the Chargers building about Pipkins and what they are seeing.

With so much talent around him and getting help from Frank Smith last season, Pipkins might have finally crossed that line from being a developmental tackle to being a starting-caliber tackle. The depth behind him still is not great but that is a huge step for the offensive line.