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3 Chargers who may have already lost their roster spot during training camp

Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp
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We are over a week into LA Chargers training camp and the excitement for the 2022 season is extremely high. Fans have shown up in droves to support the Bolts during camp and there have been a lot of fun takeaways thus far.

Everyone's favorite part about camp is learning about the standout players who are making a name for themselves. However, for every standout player, there is a player who is potentially losing a roster spot as there are only so many roster spots to give out.

There are players who have spent time with the Bolts in the NFL over the last few years who are currently on the outside looking in as they may have already lost a roster spot this early into training camp.

Here are 3 Chargers who may have already lost their roster spot during training camp:

1. Joe Reed

As the leader of the Joe Reed fan club (because we are both J. Reeds and he wears my favorite number), I am pained to admit this reality. Reed already had an uphill battle when it came to making the roster this season and nothing that has happened thus far has been good for him.

it is not even like Reed has looked all that bad. Reports coming from those in attendance indicate that when he has gotten his chances he has looked quite decent in kickoff return. The problem is that he has not gotten many chances on offense and other players have stood out.

DeAndre Carter obviously was going to get a roster spot after being signed this offseason but he has been even better than advertised. Not only has he been great on special teams but he has showcased that he has offensive value as well.

The one way for Reed to get on the roster was as a Swiss Army Knife weapon that the Chargers could utilize. As it stands right now, Carter is the much better option for that role. Reed will likely get cut and probably will get sent to the practice squad, where he will continue to wait for his chance.