Chargers who could get robbed of a roster spot because of Easton Stick

Jason Reed
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The LA Chargers have finished preseason play and have to cut the roster from 80 players all the way to 53 players. There are a lot of players on the cut list that are obvious exclusions that the team was likely expecting to cut this entire training camp.

However, there are always the tough cuts that just barely missed the roster and might not even stay around on the practice squad. Some of these cuts will get scooped up by other teams.

The upsetting part about this process, for fans, is seeing what the team has prioritized. Los Angeles has essentially committed to having three quarterbacks and four running backs on the roster, both of which are unusual. The former, in particular, is pointless and is stealing a roster spot from talented players.

Some players will get cut simply because there are better options at their position (like Joe Reed). However, there are other players that definitely are good enough to make the roster, but might not because the team is instead using a roster spot on a third quarterback.

Players who might get robbed of a roster spot because of Easton Stick:

Michael Bandy, WR

This is the most frustrating because Michael Bandy has looked outstanding in training camp and in the preseason games and there is no doubt that he will get claimed off of waivers if he does not make the Chargers roster.

As things stand right now, it is hard to see where exactly Bandy fits into the roster outlook. The Chargers cannot overload the offensive side of the ball and completely sacrifice defensive depth. Because they are targeting depth elsewhere, players like Bandy simply have to be let go.

The Chargers ran five receivers on the roster last year and I would imagine that they are doing the same this year, as silly as that feels with how well Bandy has played. I can guarantee you this: Bandy will have a much bigger impact, even if it is a small one, on his new team than Stick will on the Chargers.