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3 indefensible roster decisions that are painful for LA Chargers fans

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3. A complete mishandling of Sony Michel and the running back room

The LA Chargers have been the worst team running the football through three weeks this season and it has been sad to see. This team simply cannot run the ball and mixed with Keenan Allen being out of action and Herbert's rib injury, it has made this offense really hard to stomach.

One contributing factor to the running back room struggling is the fact that Austin Ekeler may simply not be the same guy anymore. That is not to say that he is bad, but his numbers thus far this season are really concerning. He has time to turn it around but if he doesn't do that soon then the Chargers might be in a lot of trouble.

The team might be in a lot of trouble because they seemingly don't know how to handle the rest of the running back room. Sony Michel, who was literally cut from another NFL team and signed with the Chargers after the preseason, has been the no. 2 back for LA this year.

Michel has been awful and is keeping other options from playing. Joshua Kelley was the best running back in the preseason and has actually looked really good in the very limited reps he has gotten. He should be playing more than Michel is and it should not even be a conversation.

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Heck, the team drafted a fourth-round running back in Isaiah Spiller when they could have waited to take a running back only to keep him inactive thus far this year. It would be one thing if they were running the ball and wanted to ease Spiller into the league. That has not been the case at all.