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3 indefensible roster decisions that are painful for LA Chargers fans

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2. Not bringing in a tackle after Rashawn Slater's injury

Rashawn Slater is expected to miss the rest of the 2022 season and the LA Chargers have not brought in any tackle help to replace that loss. Storm Norton had one of the worst games in recent offensive lineman history when he was brought in against Jacksonville and that was not enough to convince the Chargers to make a move.

We will give credit where it is due, the Chargers are being proactive and are not letting Norton start a game at left tackle. Instead, the team is calling on rookie Jamaree Salyer to start at left tackle in Week 4 against the Houston Texans.

While a lot of fans are excited to see this, we should temper expectations for Salyer in his first game. He has never played an NFL snap and was meant to be the team's swing guard this season. The fact that the swing guard is now playing left tackle shows just how bad Norton is.

So why keep him as the swing tackle? Why not bring in someone else for depth that can help? Quite frankly, there are options that the team could sign off the street right now that would be better than Norton, who might just be the worst tackle in the sport.

It would be absolutely amazing if Salyer can come in, play well and make this not even matter. However, the fact that the team's contingency plan for a rookie guard is still Norton is ridiculous.