3 most interesting Chargers roster battles to now keep an eye on

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3. WR6 - Joe Reed vs. Michael Bandy

None of the big-name Chargers receivers played in the first preseason game of the season. Jalen Guyton was the lone member of last year's team to get playing time in the preseason game and he hauled in two catches for six yards.

Instead, there were two players who are battling for a roster spot that duked it out with two strong games. Both Joe Reed and Michael Bandy shined in this game, making this back-end receiver battle one to watch in the final two preseason games.

Reed scored the first touchdown of the game for the Bolts and finished with four catches for 61 yards. Bandy hauled in more receptions with seven catches for 73 yards, also finding the end zone in the game.

Neither of these players are going to make that big of an impact on the Chargers next season but that should not stop the Bolts from adding at least one of them to the roster. As promising as the likes of Josh Palmer and DeAndre Carter look, running a roster with only five wide receivers is risky business.

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Instead of carrying three quarterbacks, the Bolts should be saving that offensive roster spot for a sixth receiver, which will end up being between Reed and Bandy.