3 most interesting Chargers roster battles to now keep an eye on

Jason Reed
Los Angeles Rams v Los Angeles Chargers
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2. IDL - Breiden Fehoko vs. everyone else

Perhaps the biggest hole on the LA Chargers last season was the team's horrible run defense. The Bolts had one of the worst run defenses in the league and that created several other problems for the defense and team as a whole. That is why the front office put such an emphasis on rebuilding the front line this offseason.

While the Bolts undoubtedly added some stout defenders on the interior, the team was perhaps always overlooking the one guy in-house that could have helped last season: Breiden Fehoko. Fehoko put together great numbers against the run in the limited time he was given last season, proving that there is potential there.

Fehoko has continued to impress in camp and was one of the biggest standouts of the first preseason game. Somehow Fehoko was ranked below Christian Covington on the team's unofficial depth chart as well. While that is not concrete, Fehoko should be getting more love than he is.

Outside of Sebastian Joseph-Day and Austin Johnson, Fehoko has been the most promising member of the interior defensive line. The third starting spot next to those two is still wide open and with his run-stuffing abilities, Fehoko simply has to be in the mix.

It will be interesting to see what direction the Chargers go and unfortunately, Jerry Tillery may have a leg up simply for being a first-round pick. However, if you poll Chargers fans, most would want to see Tillery beat out everyone else to get more snaps than the other candidates in the IDL rotation.