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3 roster decisions the Chargers must change from last season

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3. Actually implement a rotation among defensive linemen

The LA Chargers were horrible against the run last season and the team addressed that in the offseason. The Bolts have completely rebuilt the defensive line, adding four new players to the interior defensive line and two new additions to the exterior in Khalil Mack and Kyle Van Noy.

While the Bolts certainly brought in players who are simply better against the run in the offseason, it is equally as important that the team brought in depth. The Chargers now have a top six that they can be proud of in Sebastian Joseph-Day, Austin Johnson, Morgan Fox, Otito Ogbonnia, Jerry Tillery and Breiden Fehoko.

Well, the team might not be that proud of Tillery, who did not even show up to voluntary training camp on Monday. You would think that all this added competition and not getting his fifth-year option exercised would be a wake-up call.

Christian Covington is looming as a decent seventh option for the Bolts and it is unquestioned that the team is deeper at the position than it has been in years. Throw in the potential of Joey Bosa or Khalil Mack lining up on the inside in certain situations and the Chargers are deep.

So it would be nice to see the Chargers actually utilize that depth and use a proper rotation rather than just relying on the same guys over and over. The best teams in the league take advantage of their depth by rotating players based on situations and that is exactly what the Chargers should be doing. Not only does it put players in better situations to succeed but it keeps them fresh as well.

Last year Tillery played a staggering 73.95% of the defensive snaps and the team would mostly play Justin Jones and Linval Joseph along with him. It was only when one of the two was hurt that other players, such as Covington, actually got a chance.


The Chargers need more variety and they need to implement this way of managing the defensive line. With more talent on the roster, there are no more excuses.