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3 roster decisions the Chargers must change from last season

Los Angeles Chargers v Philadelphia Eagles
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Keenan Allen, Mike Williams
Los Angeles Chargers v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

2. Carry six receivers instead of five

For all of last season, the LA Chargers carried just five wide receivers on the active roster. There were times in which certain guys were elevated because of injuries or COVID-19 issues but it was clear that the blueprint for the team was to carry five receivers. Next year they should increase that number to six.

Last year the team had the dynamic duo of Keenan Allen and Mike Williams, the speedster in Jalen Guyton, the rookie in Joshua Palmer and the special teams threat in Andre Roberts (eventually). Los Angeles flipped Roberts for DeAndre Carter, which does help as Roberts had virtually no value on offense while Carter does.

That is still a thin receiver room and it is typically standard for a team to carry six wide receivers on the roster week-to-week. Having that sixth option just as a depth option, especially if things are not going a certain way, is huge for the Bolts.

Joe Reed should hopefully be healthy and he very well could be the sixth receiver on the roster that also acts as a pseudo RB3/4 with some of the gadget-play capabilities that he has on the offensive side of the ball.

The Chargers did not draft a single receiver, even though Bo Melton was available to them, so the hope has to be that someone like Reed will get that roster spot and that the team won't instead voluntarily have a thinner roster.