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Chargers rookie report card: How the draft class grades through 4 weeks

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JT Woods, Ja'Sir Taylor, Deane Leonard, Isaiah Spiller: NO GRADE

I tinkered around with the possibilities of giving these players an F grade as they have not shown up to class essentially but that really is not their fault. It is not like any of these players have been particularly worse than we expected and that is why they haven't played.

The one player you could make a case for getting an F is Isaiah Spiller. The team obviously drafted him with the idea of making him the RB2 this season but he has not earned a spot in the rotation at all. That being said, the team is also being extremely stubborn with Sony Michel, so that still might not even be his fault.

As far as the three cornerbacks go, this should have been expected. JT Woods played pretty poorly in the preseason, which was disappointing, as did Deane Leonard. Ja'Sir Taylor definitely had the best camp and preseason but it was not enough to play this season.

That is what happens when you draft guys based on traits and not on current talent. The Chargers are going to have to develop these players properly and if not, they are going to be absolute wastes of a draft pick.

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It is an interesting strategy and if it works out in 2-3 years nobody is going to be questioning it. However, when there are guys who are already making an impact this year that the Chargers could have selected, it looks a bit worse through four weeks.