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Chargers rookie report card: How the draft class grades through 4 weeks

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Zander Horvath: B+

Zander Horvath has already done more at the fullback position than Gabe Nabers did and that is saying something. It is hard to really hand out a grade for a fullback considering the lack of importance the position has in the modern game and how little they are actually used.

That being said, a seventh-round rookie having two touchdown receptions in his first two games is no small feat and Horvath absolutely deserves credit for that. That being said, it is not like either touchdown was all that complex and you could have put any NFL-level back in those spots and the result would have been the same.

But that is kind of all we have to really go off of. When it comes to pass-blocking and run-blocking the sample size has simply been way too small in this specific instance. Horvath has had some pretty decent reps in both regards but he has also had bad reps as well.

Horvath has seen most of his playing time on special teams and he has been fine in that regard. Not great, but not bad. He has made one special teams tackle in four games and outside of that, has been relatively serviceable without being amazing.

But because of the two touchdowns out of the fullback position as a seventh-round rookie, you have to give him better than just a passing grade.