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3 recent former Chargers who would've thrived with Brandon Staley

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Hunter Henry
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3. Hunter Henry

Returning readers of Bolt Beat know that I wanted the LA Chargers to re-sign Hunter Henry last offseason but alas, the team decided he was too much and signed Jared Cook as a stop-gap option. While typically you think of defensive players thriving under Brandon Staley, Henry would have been great as the TE1 in Joe Lombardi's system.

Henry is a much better blocker than Cook ever was and his hands are as sure as can be. Henry did not drop a single pass in 2021 and had one of the best open rates against man coverage in the entire NFL. His overall numbers may not have looked great because of the offense he was in, but in Cook's role, he would have thrived.

In hindsight the Chargers may have brought Henry back because of the status of the tight end market. All of the free-agent right ends this offseason are rumored to get big deals with the likes of David Njoku, Mike Gesicki, Dalton Schultz and others likely getting deals as much if not more than Henry.

Suddenly, Henry's contract is going to be in the middle of the pack when it comes to tight ends signing second contracts and the Chargers very well could have one of those tight ends under contract if they deem it is a big enough fit.

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Simply re-signing Henry last offseason could have helped save some of that headache at the position and would have created a more well-rounded attack on offense. Heck, maybe the Chargers make the playoffs if Henry is there instead of Cook as Cook had some costly mistakes (giving up on plays or not knowing the routes) that swung games for the Chargers.