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3 recent former Chargers who would've thrived with Brandon Staley

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Adrian Phillips
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1. Adrian Phillips

This is perhaps the biggest mistake that Tom Telesco has made as the general manager of the LA Chargers. Adrian Phillips was a stand-out find for Telesco and the Chargers and the team simply let him walk away and let him walk away for a cheap price.

It is not like Phillips broke out after the Chargers let him walk. Phillips had a great season in 2018 and was one of the most important members of the defense. His versatility was key for the Chargers and his impact on special teams made him an All-Pro.

First of all, the Chargers have been woeful on special teams since then and having Phillips there would have made a difference. Although, it may not have made a huge difference as he would have been playing a lot of snaps on defense for Staley.

Staley is someone who really values depth and versatility in the secondary and Phillips is someone who fits his player model to a tee. If Phillips was a free agent this offseason then we would all be talking about how perfect of a fit he would be back in LA.

However, the Patriots signed Phillips to an extension, making up for the mistake that the Chargers made by letting him walk on a two-year, $6 million deal. Justin Tucker makes more than that a year and he is a kicker!