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3 recent former Chargers who would've thrived with Brandon Staley

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The LA Chargers missed the playoffs in Brandon Staley's first season as a head coach and after all of the anticipation before the season, it ultimately was a failure. However, the team established some really good tendencies and it is clear that the culture of the organization shifted under Staley.

There have been plenty of recent examples of a team taking a huge leap in the second season between a young talented quarterback and his head coach. Charger fans are hoping that the Bolts are the next team to take that leap. In order to do so, the Chargers need to hit a home run this offseason.

This is the most important offseason in recent franchise history and what the team does this spring is going to not only determine how good the team is in 2022 but if there is any Super Bowl window in the near future. With several holes on the roster, it is important that the team brings in players who can thrive under Brandon Staley.

If only the LA Chargers didn't let certain players walk in recent years.

Tom Telesco has been criticized a lot by Charger fans and one of the most damning arguments against Telesco is who he doesn't re-sign to a second contract. Telesco has let some talented players leave the Chargers and there are three recent departures who would've thrived on Brandon Staley's Chargers.

Let's take a trip down memory lane and point out the three recent former Chargers that probably should still be on the team in 2022.