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Chargers: Ranking the AFC West quarterbacks after Russell Wilson trade

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Justin Herbert
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2. Justin Herbert, LA Chargers

Justin Herbert is a future MVP of this league. After many called his rookie season a fluke and declared that he would regress in his sophomore season, Herbert came out and got even better in year two and set every single-season franchise record for the Bolts. Some of the records only needed 16 games to be broken as well.

Herbert was phenomenal last season and he is only going to get better with time. The former Oregon Duck had to learn his third offense in three years and he thrived in doing so. Were there some mistakes and misfires? Yes, the guy is not perfect.

However, after an entire season playing in this offense Herbert is going to take yet another leap in year three and should be everyone's favorite to win the MVP award. If the Chargers can just build a defense around him and provide the team success then he will win the award.

Some Charger fans may rank Herbert ahead of Patrick Mahomes and honestly, I do not hate that. However, Mahomes has won an MVP and has won a Super Bowl so he deserves the top ranking. However, at the end of the season, this ranking may very well change.