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4 Chargers who have a good chance of being first-time Pro Bowlers in 2022

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Gerald Everett
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4. Gerald Everett

A bit of a curveball here, I have really high hopes for Gerald Everett in 2022. In fact, the hopes are probably too high as I might end up getting naturally disappointed when Everett does not live up to the Pro Bowl ceiling that I personally have given him this season.

I don't think most Charger fans realize just how big of an upgrade it is to go from Jared Cook to Gerald Everett. Everett's overall numbers may not be that impressive but he has never been utilized as a featured pass-catcher in an offense.

Everett is so much more explosive than Cook is at this point in his career and if the Chargers are drawing up the same things for Everett that they were for Cook then he is going to have a monster year. Not only is he going to convert more catches with better hands, but his athleticism will allow him to get more YAC yards than Cook had last season.

Let's assume that Everett gets as many targets per game on the Chargers in 2022 that Cook did in 2021. Let's assume that Everett's catch rate remains the same and that he has a small yards per reception boost from Cook's 11.8 last season. Let's say he averages 12.5, which is a fair prediction based on his athleticism versus Cook's.

If that is the case then Everett will finish with 67 catches for 837 yards and however many times he finds the endzone. That is knocking on the door of being a Pro Bowl-caliber season. Keep in mind that the Chargers started targeting Cook less as the year went on. Everett shouldn't have that same problem.


Will he finish with 1,000 receiving yards? Absolutely not. Is there a world in which he finishes with 800+ yards and eight touchdowns? Absolutely.