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4 Chargers who have a good chance of being first-time Pro Bowlers in 2022

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Matt Feiler
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3. Matt Feiler

If there is one offensive lineman to highlight to make their first Pro Bowl this season then it should be Matt Feiler. Some would argue that Zion Johnson is more likely to make a Pro Bowl and while Johnson is undoubtedly talented, I think it will take 2-3 years until he is at that level. It is really hard to be that good as a rookie, which made Rashawn Slater even more special.

Feiler, though, has quietly been one of the better guards in the NFL and really has not gotten the credit he deserves from mainstream NFL pundits. He was far from perfect last season but he was a reliable presence on the left side of the line next to Slater.

With it being likely that the Chargers are a much better team next season there are going to be more eyeballs on the offensive line. The better Justin Herbert does and the less he is sacked the more the entire offensive line is going to get credit. Oftentimes, voters will lump most of a unit into their votes.

If Feiler showcases his versatility in 2022 and does so at a high level then it is going to be really hard to not give him a Pro Bowl nod if the Chargers are as good as we think they are. He would obviously be an important cog to this machine and the league would take notice.

And while Feiler potentially gets his first Pro Bowl nod this season, there is a very good chance that Slater gets a First-Team All-Pro nod for the first time in his career as well.