Chargers starters who should play the final preseason game vs Saints

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The LA Chargers are two-thirds the way through their preseason slate of games and most of the starters on the team have not played. Brandon Staley and co. have adopted a very cautious approach to the preseason, not starting any of the team's marquee players.

That being said, there are still some starters who are not embroiled in a roster battle that have gotten snaps in the preseason. Second-year wide-out Josh Palmer played in the second preseason game against the Cowboys despite his role as the WR3 essentially being locked up.

We are still not going to see any of the big-name players (like Justin Herbert) in the final preseason game against the New Orleans Saints. However, we could see other starters who have not yet appeared in the preseason.

3 Chargers starters who should play the final preseason game of the year:

1. Gerald Everett

The Chargers have been hammering out the backend of the tight end position and the team should give starter Gerald Everett some reps as well. Everett is a new face in the building and it is imperative that he gets some kind of game reps against another NFL team before the regular season starts.

It might not be Justin Herbert throwing him the football but Everett could benefit from a drive or two in which the team specifically schemes things up for him in the passing game. That will give him a level of comfort and familiarity that he simply cannot get from practicing.

The Chargers are likely going to cut at least one and maybe even two of the tight ends on the roster as the team narrows it down to 80 players and that opens the door for Everett to get some snaps. At the very least, if the team wants to be cautious with Everett, we should see someone like Donald Parham getting snaps.