3 bold predictions for the first Chargers preseason game vs Rams

Jason Reed
Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp
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3. Brandon Staley will be uncharacteristically timid

Brandon Staley made a name for himself last season for being the coach that always seemingly went for it on fourth down. Staley trusted his quarterback and his offense to pick up big fourth downs when they needed to and that won them some games, particularly early, last season.

Staley likely is not going to change the way he coaches in 2022 but he is going to be different in the preseason. Typically, this is when teams use those extra downs to get extra reps in on the offensive side of the ball.

However, like he was in the regular season last year, Staley will likely go against the grain in this preseason game and be uncharacteristically timid by calling on the special teams unit in situations he wouldn't in a regular-season game.

Why? There is more to learn in special teams than there is by letting the second and third stringers go for it on fourth and short. Ryan Ficken is trying to reinvent the special teams side of the ball and the Chargers need to evaluate things from coverages to blocking assignments and even the punter and kicker themselves.

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Dustin Hopkins should be taking as many field goals as he can to get ready for the regular season and the same can be said about JK Scott with punts. That is far more impactful than going for it in a meaningless game.