Chargers with the most to prove in final preseason game vs. Saints

Jason Reed
Los Angeles Rams v Los Angeles Chargers
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The LA Chargers wrap up the 2022 preseason on Friday on the road against the New Orleans Saints. This is the last time that fans can see the Bolts in game action before the team takes next weekend off and then starts the 2022 season the following Sunday against the Las Vegas Raiders.

With 80 players currently on the active roster, there are going to be a lot of players in this game that won't be on the team in 2022. Los Angeles has to cut 27 players by next Tuesday, which is no small feat.

In theory, every single one of those players that are at risk of being cut have the most to prove as they are playing for their NFL career. However, the players we are focused on in this article are the ones that could actually make the roster and have an impact on the Bolts during the regular season.

Very few starting players play in the preseason but there are still some notable players with a lot to prove in this final game.

Chargers with the most to prove in the final preseason game vs. Saints:

1. Trey Pipkins

Brandon Staley did not commit to naming Trey Pipkins the starting right tackle for the 2022 season even though he said he was close to making a decision and essentially told us what his decision was in practice this last week.

Pipkins started taking all of the first-team reps at right tackle during practice this week while Storm Norton was getting second-team left tackle reps. It is pretty clear based on this that Pipkins won the job but we cannot blame Staley for wanting to motivate him to keep earning it.

Pipkins may not have a lot to prove in the sense that he is fighting for the starting job but he has a lot to prove to make Chargers fans comfortable with him starting at right tackle in 2022. One massive hole on the offensive line can change everything and the Bolts are hoping that isn't what they have this season.