Chargers who have been positively shocking thus far in the preseason

Jason Reed
Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp
Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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The LA Chargers have played one preseason game and have had countless training camp practices where the two sides of the football have gone at it. With this being the most anticipated Chargers season of recent memory, fans have been paying close attention to how every player has played both in camp and in the preseason.

Thus far the overall consensus around the Chargers is positive with several players exceeding expectations. There have certainly been more positive surprises than negative surprises, which is exactly what you want at this time of the year.

Not every positive surprise is going to end up being a great player for the Bolts in 2022 but it is nice to see that the roster might be even deeper than we initially thought because of these select players.

Here are 4 Chargers who have been positively shocking thus far:

1. Joshua Kelley

Joshua Kelley went into camp as the odd-man out in the running back room. He seemed like the most likely back to be cut from the team and that is saying something considering the running back room is not very deep.

However, Kelley has really shined both in camp and in the lone preseason game and is now even in the conversation for the RB2 job. Isaiah Spiller still holds the advantage for that job but if Kelley continues to play like the way he is playing then he is going to get more and more playing time.

Having Kelley step up is huge for the Chargers as the depth behind Ekeler looked extremely worrisome heading into camp. While Spiller is promising, trusting a rookie running back to be the main depth option for the team is risky business.

Kelley gives the team another option and is proving that he could potentially be a dynamic weapon in both the pass and run game. The Chargers just need to hope that it translates to the regular season.