3 key positions to watch during Chargers preseason game vs Cowboys

Jason Reed
Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp
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2. Wide receiver

We have a wide receiver battle on our hands, ladies and gentlemen. While the Chargers have the top five receivers on the roster pretty much set in stone, there is room for the team to have one more receiver on the depth chart and there are two potential candidates for the job.

Those two candidates are Joe Reed and Michael Bandy, who got the bulk of the targets in the first preseason game of the year. Both guys scored a touchdown with Bandy finishing with more yards and targets overall.

Reed might have more special teams value than Bandy but Bandy has looked really good in the chances he has gotten. He obviously is not a candidate to be a top-3 WR but even in joint practice against the Cowboys he shined and proved that he can make a difference.

Last year the Chargers only ran with five receivers on the depth chart and that should be different this year. Not only is it wiser to have more depth and trim some of the fat off of other areas of the roster (more on that later), but it makes sense to give a roster spot to one of these two as they can make a difference.

If the Chargers thought that Reed or Bandy would not really add anything as a WR6 then it would make sense to simply not have one. However, there is value there and it will be interesting to see who pulls ahead in this battle.