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Week 15 outcomes that help the LA Chargers playoff chances

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Week 15 outcomes that help the LA Chargers playoff chances:

Las Vegas Raiders over Cleveland Browns

No Charger fan wants to root for the Raiders and no fan should have to sit there and actively root for Derek Carr to beat the Cleveland Browns on Monday (the game being moved because of an outbreak on the Browns).

However, in the grand scheme of things, it would help the Chargers more if the Raiders beat the Browns as it would put both teams at 7-7. While that keeps the Raiders in the hunt and seemingly adds another team in the mix, it keeps both them and the Browns behind the Chargers.

Meanwhile, a Browns win would give them the same record as the Chargers. The Bolts might have the tiebreaker but it is better for the seeding and the overall chances of making the playoffs to have more teams behind the Bolts than having a team tied with the Bolts.

Plus, the Chargers really don't have to worry much about the Raiders coming in and swooping a playoff spot from them. They do have a possible win against Denver but then they have to close the season against the Colts and the Chargers.

The Colts are a much better football team than the Raiders and then the Chargers could officially end the Raiders season in Week 18. Even if the Raiders beat the Browns and Broncos, they will head into Week 17 with an 8-8 record. The Chargers should at least be 9-7 as they play the Texans next week. They should be 10-6 with wins against the Texans and Broncos.

The absolute worst-case scenario would be a situation in which both the Raiders and Chargers are 9-7 heading into Week 18. However, if that is the case, that would mean that the Colts would definitely have a worse record, the Browns would likely have a worse record and the Broncos would be out of the picture altogether.

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The Raiders are far less scary than the Browns to heat up in the final quarter of the season. For that reason, them winning in Week 15 is better for the Chargers, although it would not be a bad thing to see their playoff chances go out the window with a loss.