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Week 15 outcomes that help the LA Chargers playoff chances

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Week 15 outcomes that help the LA Chargers playoff chances:

Cincinnati Bengals over Denver Broncos

The LA Chargers should be rooting for the team they beat to defeat the team that they lost to earlier in the season. Because of those head-to-head matchups, the Chargers own the tiebreaker over the Bengals if there was to be a two-way tie for the seventh seed in the conference and the same cannot be said against the Broncos.

That being said, the Chargers still have another game against the Broncos to get them back. The Bolts could very well have the tiebreaker by the time the season is over.

The Bengals appear to be the more talented team, albeit extremely volatile, and probably have a better chance of winning games down the stretch than Denver. The Chargers also have the chance to add another loss to Denver's resume, so it might seem better for the Bengals to lose this game.

However, all the scenarios in which the Chargers fell out of a playoff spot this week included the Denver Broncos winning. Even though Cincy is probably more likely to finish with a better record, because of the tiebreaker, it is better for Denver to lose this game.

It is not like the Bengals have an easy schedule to finish the season, either. The team takes on the Ravens, Chiefs and Browns to end the season. A 2-1 record is the most likely ceiling of those three games but the Bengals could easily go 1-2 or even 0-3.

The Broncos, meanwhile, take on the Chiefs, Chargers and Raiders. The hope is that Denver loses to LA, obviously, and they should lose to the Chiefs as well. The Raiders outcome might not even matter, as a loss to the Bengals would result in a 8-9 season. For Cincy, the ceiling is probably 10-7, with a much more realistic 9-8 being the likely outcome.

Again, because of the tiebreaker, I would much rather see the Chargers be tied with the Bengals at 9-8 than tied with the Broncos at 9-8 if that is what it came down to.