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Week 15 outcomes that help the LA Chargers playoff chances

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Week 15 outcomes that help the LA Chargers playoff chances:

Carolina Panthers over Buffalo Bills

I was not sure if I was even going to include this game because the outcome seems like such a surefire thing. The Buffalo Bills are coming off of two straight losses and are coming up against a Carolina team that is still playing both Cam Newton and P.J. Walker at quarterback.

The Bills are definitely upset after losing two games in a row and need to get back in the win column in order to avoid huge disaster. They are also at home, only increasing the chances that they are going to pummel the Carolina Panthers.

And as up and down as the Bills have been this season, the one thing they have done several times is absolutely shut down bad football teams. While they lost to the Jets, they still only allowed them to score nine points. With the quarterback situation in Carolina, no Christian McCaffrey and the Bills defense, even without Tre'Davious White, the Panthers might not even reach double-digits.

This game is not as impactful as some of the other games in Week 15 so the Chargers can afford to see the Bills win in this game. However, if the Panthers shock the world and somehow upset the Bills as a double-digit underdog then it is only going to increase the Chargers' playoff chances.