3 Chargers who will completely shape what LA does in the 2023 NFL Draft

Jason Reed
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3. Gerald Everett

Gerald Everett is perhaps the biggest x-factor on this entire team when it comes to the draft. There are reasons for Everett to stay on the team as well as reasons for him not to be on the Chargers in 2023. And whichever direction the team goes will likely dictate what the Bolts do in the first round.

The reason for keeping Everett is simple. He has one more year left on his deal and produced everything the Chargers needed him to produce as a pass-catching tight end last season. Sure, he was not perfect, but he was an important part of this offense that could really be maximized under Kellen Moore.

The reason for not keeping Everett is financial. The team can free up salary-cap space by cutting or trading him and have the means to replace him: the 2023 NFL Draft. This is a really exciting draft class and someone like Dalton Kincaid or Michael Mayer may have a bigger impact in year one than Everett would have.

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If Everett is released or traded then it is a guarantee that the Chargers will take a tight end in the first two rounds with round one being extremely likely. If Everett stays, even with the trials and tribulations of the tight end room in 2022, I don't think the Chargers will take a tight end earlier than day three.