3 Chargers players fans might not see again in 2022

Jason Reed
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3. Tre' McKitty

This one might be a bit of a stretch as Tre' McKitty is still going to be active and at the very least will have some kind of role on special teams. But moving forward, do not be surprised if McKitty does not get any playing time on the offensive side of the ball because of Donald Parham's return.

It might take a week or two for Parham to ease into what his role will be but with him healthy there are not a lot of snaps to give McKitty. It would be one thing if the second-year tight end was playing well this season but he has really taken a step back and struggled this year.

McKitty has not developed much as a pass-catcher, which was his biggest flaw coming into the league, and he has taken a step back as a blocker. Parham has gotten better every single season and will be the best pass-catcher/blocker combo that the Chargers have in the tight end room.

McKitty played 51% of the snaps in Week 14 and that is going to plummet in Week 15. For comparison, the TE3 in the game against the Miami Dolphins only played four snaps. As Parham returns and gets into the fold, expect to see McKitty less and less this season.

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He does not run the same risk of being completely off the roster like Bandy and Michel but he is quickly going to turn into a depth option that hardly plays if Parham and Gerald Everett can stay healthy down the stretch.