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4 players the Chargers should cut bait with before the 2022 season

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Justin Herbert, Easton Stick
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3. Easton Stick

Selecting Easton Stick in the fifth round of the 2019 NFL Draft is still something that I will never understand and is absolutely the most pointless draft pick that Tom Telesco has ever made as the general manager of the LA Chargers.

The team still had Philip Rivers at the time and was investing decent money in a backup with Tyrod Taylor on the team. Stick obviously wasn't drafted to be Rivers' replacement as he was a day three pick and the Chargers instantly made quarterback a first-round need in 2020 once Rivers departed for the Colts.

So what was the point of Easton Stick? To have a long-term backup? Rookie contracts only go four years and the team knew that is was going to draft a first-round quarterback in 2020 to replace Rivers. The team also could have easily projected that they would then be in the market for a veteran backup like Chase Daniel to help the young quarterback blossom. It is not rocket science.

Stick is entering the last year of his rookie deal and there really is no reason to keep him around and waste a roster spot. Having three quarterbacks on the roster is simply taking away from depth in another area.

Some may argue that Stick is a better option than Daniel to come in if anything happens to Herbert. First of all, there is absolutely nothing to indicate that is the case as Stick has played one NFL snap in the regular season. Second, if anything happens to Justin Herbert then the Chargers are in a massive hole anyway. Keeping Stick around for that fake insurance is pointless.