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4 players the Chargers should cut bait with before the 2022 season

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Gabe Nabers
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2. Gabe Nabers

Speaking of running backs, the LA Chargers might be looking to make a change at the fullback position as well. Gabe Nabers won the job over Bobby Holly during training camp in 2020 and quickly became great friends with superstar quarterback Justin Herbert. The two may be seeing each other less, though, as the Chargers potentially selected Gabe Nabers' replacement.

The Bolts selected Zander Horvath with the team's final pick in the seventh round of the 2022 NFL Draft. Horvath is an athletic specimen that the team obviously drafted for his traits as he could make an impact in special teams and on offense.

Nabers really has not done anything in his two years career to earn the benefit of the doubt in keeping his job. He certainly is replaceable and in fact, the Chargers did better when Nabers was out of action and Stephen Anderson filled in as the H back.

Is there a world in which the Chargers keep both Nabers and have Horvath be a pseudo fourth tight end? Maybe, but there is just so much explosiveness in Horvath's game that should be utilized in the backfield. Heck, the Chargers have been so desperate for short-yardage backs and Horvath might be that guy.

Unless Horvath is wildly disappointing or the team has unique plans for him, it is probably time for Justin Herbert to start saying his goodbyes to Gabe Nabers.