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4 players the Chargers should cut bait with before the 2022 season

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The LA Chargers have made a lot of additions to the roster this offseason and the final 53-man roster should look quite different from last season. The anchors of the team will obviously be the same but the hope is that the Bolts built out a team that can actually pride itself on being deep.

With 88 players currently signed for training camp, the Chargers are going to have to make some cuts. The UDFAs and practice squad players of the world are the obvious first cuts for the team but every year there is a surprising cut or two as the Bolts decide to move on from a certain player.

This year, there are four players that the Chargers should probably cut bait with before the 2022 season. And of course, these are guys who were actually on the roster in some capacity last season and aren't just new faces competing for a spot.

4 players the LA Chargers should cut bait with before the 2022 season:

1. Joshua Kelley

The LA Chargers have been really bad at building out depth at running back behind Austin Ekeler and the team committed a fourth-round pick to take the best running back on the board in Isaiah Spiller. Personally, I am not a massive fan of the type of running back Spiller is and how he fits into this team but it is clear that the Chargers have high expectations for him to be the RB2.

That means that the team needs to trim some of the fat from the running back room and the two obvious options are Joshua Kelley and Larry Rountree. With Rountree having an extra year under contract, as well as being a Brandon Staley draft pick, it is much more likely that he sticks around.

Kelley really has not shown anything to be excited about and the Chargers would be better off giving the job to a standout back from the preseason or training camp that actually made a difference. It would take a big showing for Kelley to win the RB3 spot as he is really behind in the race.