6 bold predictions for the LA Chargers 2023 offseason

Jason Reed
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6. Justin Herbert breaks Patrick Mahomes' contract record

Patrick Mahomes has the record for the largest contract in NFL history, checking in at 10 years for $450 million. When the deal was first reported it was reported to be the first $500 million contract in American sports history. That ultimately was not the case and now Justin Herbert could be the first to cross that mark.

This is an important offseason as we are going to see both Herbert and Joe Burrow get paid to reset the quarterback market even further. Lamar Jackson's contract status is also up in the air and the Miami Dolphins have to figure out what to do with Tua Tagovailoa.

Herbert and Burrow are the no-brainers to get massive contract extensions from their respective teams and they both are going to get massive deals. Both players are the sure thing and both franchises shouldn't delay this process any longer than they need to.

While Burrow will also get a large contract, there are two reasons to believe that Herbert will get a larger one. First off, as cheap as ownership has been in the past, the Chargers are based in Los Angeles and have the funds to pay Herbert the big bucks. This is not the same small-market San Diego Chargers.

Secondly, Herbert is a year and a half younger than Burrow, which could get him an extra year or two on the back end of his deal compared to Burrow's. Herbert will turn 25 in March while Burrow is already 26.

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Mahomes was also 25 when he signed his extension but was turning 26 at the start of the 2020 season. Herbert won't turn 26 until after the 2023 season, adding more value on top of his deal.