6 bold predictions for the LA Chargers 2023 offseason

Jason Reed
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Chargers v Jacksonville Jaguars
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5. The Chargers exclusively draft to replace the free agents they are losing

Discussion has already started around what positions the LA Chargers might target in the 2023 NFL Draft. There is a long way to go until the draft and what the team does (or doesn't do) in free agency is going to play a big part in what they are targeting in the draft.

An early prediction that feels like a home run is that the Chargers are essentially going to replace the depth free agents that are coming off the books with young draft capital. The team took more projects that could contribute to special teams last year and this year the team will be looking for more players that could start right away.

Obviously, we cannot expect every late-round pick to be an instant contributor but the Chargers should be able to get instant contributors in the top three rounds, even if they are just rotational pieces. With that in mind, what departing free agents will they be targeting to replace?

If Tranquill truly is the only substantial free agent the Chargers sign, they will look to replace the likes of Trey Pipkins (unfortunately), Bryce Callahan, Nasir Adderley, Kyle Van Noy, Jalen Gutyon, Easton Stick/Chase Daniel and Morgan Fox.

If we just look at those seven players, we can pinpoint the seven positions the Chargers may draft in 2023: tackle, corner, safety, edge rusher, receiver, quarterback and interior defensive line.

Without jumping into the draft class yet and really looking at the prospects, I would assume that the Chargers will target right tackle, edge rusher and safety/cornerback in the first three rounds. The fourth round could be for a speedy receiver, the fifth round could be for another defensive back, with rounds six and seven going interior defensive line and quarterback.