6 bold predictions for the LA Chargers 2023 offseason

Jason Reed
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4. Drue Tranquill is the only somewhat substantial free-agent signing for the Chargers

Because of the financial restrictions outlined in the Keenan Allen portion of this article, the LA Chargers are not going to be able to spend much money in free agency this season. Last offseason was meant to be the big offseason while this year will be a much calmer period for the Bolts.

The Chargers have quite a few upcoming free agents (more on those later) and the only one that will get a substantial deal from the Bolts will be Drue Tranquill. Substantial does not mean it will be a huge deal but it won't be a league-minimum signing.

While it might seem like a stretch for the team to bring back Tranquill, keep in mind that Kyzir White only garnered a $3 million salary last offseason. Tranquill will probably be around the same ball park and the Chargers can free up enough money to get him back in LA at that price.

The Chargers don't really have any other alternatives. Last winter they were able to let White walk because they had Tranquill waiting in the wings. That is not the case this offseason with Kenneth Murray once again not taking a step forward. The depth there is not great and the Chargers would be foolish to take another early-round inside linebacker.

The Chargers might sign one or two minimum free agents after the draft but it is really unlikely that they sign any player other than Tranquill to a deal above the league minimum.