6 bold predictions for the LA Chargers 2023 offseason

Jason Reed
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3. The Chargers never consider getting rid of Keenan Allen

This has been something that has turned into a topic of discussion among Chargers fans this offseason. Quite frankly, we did not think it was even worth including in this article because it seems like a no-brainer, especially after Tom Telesco's comments during his post-season presser.

However, it has become such a topic of discussion that it was worth putting in this article. While there are logisitcal reasons to argue for cutting (or trading) Keenan Allen this offseason, the Chargers ultimately are never going to consider it.

What are those logistical reasons? The Chargers are around $20 million over the projected cap for next season (per OTC) and that is without factoring in the 2023 draft class. Los Angeles needs to free up money and Allen is an easy contract to free up if they trade or cut.

However, there are other ways that the Chargers can free up that money. There are some lesser cut candidates (like Matt Feiler) that will help save money. There is also a lot of restructuring potential for the Chargers this offseason, which was 100% intentional by the team.

Allen is way too important to this offense, and more importantly, is too important to Justin Herbert. It does not matter what other logistics there are to consider. If Herbert wants Allen in Los Angeles he will stay in Los Angeles. Plain and simple.